Common Shipping Issues and How to Solve Them


Any company that employs logistics services in Florida regularly may encounter issues from time to time. Fortunately, there are steps you and your shipping company can take to reduce the risk of difficulties and the impact of typical problems if they do occur.

Armor Freight Services LLC, your trusted asset based logistics provider in Allentown, Pennsylvania, has dealt with practically every shipping problem imaginable. We’ve learned from our mistakes and devised strategies to avoid them in the future.

  • Transporting Hazardous Material
    A logistics company experienced in hazmat shipping can help you understand the packaging and handling requirements, as well as the related paperwork, so you don’t breach any rules or regulations when transporting your items.
  • Shipping Costs are Unreasonably High
    Shipping conditions can be extremely harsh. The danger of damage is greatly minimized when the right packing and crating system is created by a skilled and experienced packaging engineer.
  • Environmental Hazards Along the Shipping Route
    Environmental conditions, in particular, corrosion and other internal damage that can be caused to electronics like servers by high humidity levels are one form of hidden asset damage. Precautions like moisture-barrier packing, desiccants, and humidity indicator cards, however, can help ensure that sensitive objects are protected.
  • Repair or replacement costs for damaged goods
    Items can be damaged during shipment despite your best efforts and those of your shipping firm. You can arrange for cargo insurance, ideally through the firm that is organizing your shipment, to avoid having to incur the cost of repairing or replacing damaged products..

We have access to a broad expedited network, ensuring that our customers’ freight arrives at its destination quickly, both domestically and internationally.

We offer a variety of freight services in Jacksonville, Florida, for all your logistics needs.

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